Mrs Sunderland 2017

Congratulations to all of my pupils on their excellent performances and conduct during the Mrs Sunderland festival.

The results are as follows:

Mrs Sunderland Festival 2017

Small Ensemble Class – Open

1st Mistral Trio

2nd Les Six Flute Ensemble

Disney Class 17 & over

2nd Zoe Cooke

3rd Vicki Prieditis

Music Theatre 17 & over

1st Zoe Cooke

Pop Ballad Class 14 -21

1st Isabel Hinchcliffe

Disney Class Years 8&9

2nd Ophelia Ormerod

Woodwind Solo Year 9 & under

1st Angela Wang

2nd Emily Watson

3rd Ellie Maury

Woodwind Solo Year 11 & under

1st Emily Watson

2nd Angela Wang

Woodwind Solo – Open

2nd Imogen Davey