Race for Life 10th July 2011

Today was the day of the Race for Life, I was slightly concerned as I have not been out as much as I would have liked but thought there was no way I wasn’t going to finish it as so many people had been very generous with their sponsorship.

The weather forecast looked grim but thankfully the weather wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was thinking it might. I was quite tamely dressed compared to most of the women in the event today, I had my Race for Life T-Shirt and Hoody with black bottoms. No tutu, pink wig, wings, deely boppers or any other weird outfit. I am not a fan of the sign you pin on your back with the “I race for life for…..” I know some people may get some comfort from it, but although I have lost some family members and friends from cancer, it is just not for me. I don’t know why, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable.

I was taking part on my own this year, as my cousin who was supposed to be doing it with me, has broken two toes!!

Arrived at at the event venue and had cunningly missed the majority of the warm up! Eventually the race started and it was good, weird being on my own and harder than I thought, I hadn’t realised how much easier it is with someone else doing it along with you. It was about half way through I had really wished I had brought my ipod, a bit of We Are Scientists might have spurred me on a bit more.

The Race for Life is a great event and  so well organised and really fun. I cannot thank everyone who has sponsored me I was hoping to raise £150, but have raised £175 so far with some people promising me some more money!

Cancer Research UK is a fantastic charity and I hope that the event made their fundraising target of £127436.

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