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Audition Success in National Ensembles.

After auditions in October and November, the following pupils have been awarded places for 2017.

Emily Watson – National Children’s Wind Orchestra

Georgina Boot – National Children’s Wind Orchestra

Ben Mullins – National Youth Wind Ensemble

Imogen Davey – National Youth Chamber Orchestra

Guylaine Eckersley – National Youth Chamber Orchestra

HUGE congratulations to all of you on this amazing achievement. You have done yourself and me very proud. Enjoy the courses and concerts in the new year.

National Ensemble Success.

After recent auditions during half term we have been eagerly awaiting the results to see if my 4 pupils who auditioned, have been awarded a place in the NCWO umbrella of ensembles.

Emily Watson, age 12, has been awarded a place again in the NCWS (National Children’s Wind Sinfonia)

Ben Mullins, age 15, has been awarded a place for the first time in the NCWO (National Children’s Wind Orchestra)

Imogen Davey age 16, has been awarded a place in the NYWE (National Youth Wind Ensemble)

Guylaine Eckersley, age 16 has again been awarded a place in the NYCO (National Youth Chamber Orchestra)

I am so pleased for you all, all of your hard work has really paid off, an amazing achievement and a fantastic opportunity. WELL DONE!


Congratulations to Imogen who has auditioned for the Sinfonic Winds (run by The Northern Sinfonia) and has got a place on 1st flute. The Sinfonic Winds have residential weekends and courses throughout the year which culminate in concerts.

Congratulations to Lydia who has auditioned and has been awarded a full place with The Halle Youth orchestra. The Halle Youth Orchestra has weekly rehearsals in term time and a foreign tour or a residential course in Summer, as well as several concerts throughout the year.


The Hawk is out!

As mentioned before I have had the privilege of being involved with the project called TwtrSymphony. A group of classical musician’s who met and were formed via Twitter.

We all were sent our parts over a couple of months for Birds of a Feather, Symphony No.2 by composer Chip Michael and had to practise and record them and send the finished recording back.

Well at last the first movement is out!

The Hawk Goes Hunting is here.

Please have a listen and download and tell everyone about it. It is a project I am very proud to have been involved with and cannot wait to hear the other movements and hopefully have the opportunity to do perform and record more music with TwtrSymphony



An Exciting Project

A few weeks ago I saw someone posted on Twitter about TwtrSymphony orchestra. Sounds interesting I thought, so tweeted to the composer Chip Michael whose tweet one of my friends had retweeted. I found out a bit more and it is a crazy but intriuging idea of “A collection of classical musicians making music in 140 beats or less!” Still intrigued I said count me in! Not really having a clue how this was all going to work, but as the days went on it became clearer. We record the music, send it off and it is all “fitted” together to make a complete piece. Sounds easy……I fear not!

So within a week or so we were sent via dropbox (another new thing to me!) the audition piece.

As expected, there were several flute players (we are such a common breed) who had shown an interest, so the idea is as well as the main orchestra there will be a flute choir piece too and other chamber ensembles in due course.

So I cracked on learning the audition piece which was fun. I play a lot of contemporary music so the strange rhythms were not unusual to me. So I recorded the audition piece and sent it off. Chip then contacted me and said what did I use to play the click track, as by the time I got to the end it wasn’t in time! Click track? oops! That was in the dropbox folder too! (I am SO great with technology)

So take 2 happened with the click track. I love click tracks and have played a lot of contemporary pieces so am used to playing with one. It is just like playing with a metronome I suppose except the click track does “bring out” the important beats in the bar, the only problem I had was getting the click track loud enough to hear it over the flute as the tone is quite similar in pitch to that of the flute. Well the husband did some jiggery pokery with some gadget or app or something and made it louder for me.

We then emailed our recordings off to be judged and also to see how well they fit in with the sample that was sent to us and decisions were made and we were informed if we were successful or not.

Well on 30th March I got an email to say I was going to be part of the crazy but yet exciting project that is Twtrsymphony.

Since then, lots of us have been tweeting with the other members and getting to know other musicians from around the world. A great thing I think.

All the parts were sent out this week for the “The Hawk Goes Hunting” the 1st movement from the Symphony for everyone to start practicing and recording. I don’t have to record this piece, but can if I want as I am playing in the flute choir piece. I have had a look at this piece over the last couple of days and have enjoyed it so far. I will submit a recording just as much as to give me something to work towards and focus my mind on,and also that is a change from a lot of the repertoire I am currently working on.

This project is a serious amount of work for all those involved, but especially for Chip Michael the composer, who is having to compose this piece and all the parts and I think the ball has well and truly started rolling and am sure there will be many other pieces in the future. Not only does he have to compose and do the admin for it all, he then has to “fit” all of the recordings together to make up the final symphony. PHEW!

A month on, Twtrsymphony is being talked about all the time on twitter and has created a real buzz.

I feel very lucky to be involved with such an unusual and groundbreaking project.


Imogen’s Success

I was thrilled to hear the news today, that Imogen Davey, has been offered a place in The Symphonic Wind Orchestra that is run in conjunction with the Northern Sinfonia.

Entry to the Orchestra is by audition only, including the performance of some very difficult orchestral excerpts. This will be a real experience for her being coached by the Wind Players of Northern Sinfonia (based at The Sage, Gateshead) There are weekend rehearsals and residential courses, which will be hard work but very rewarding and fun.

Imogen has worked SO hard and is well deserving of all her success, it has been a great year for he,r including being awarded the Music Scholarship at Huddersfield Grammar School and many wins at The Mrs Sunderland Festival and The Festival of Music, Speech and Drama at Huddersfield Grammar School.

WELL DONE Imogen, I am so pleased and so proud of you!!