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Pupil’s Page

UWL/LCM Music Exams Summer 2017.

Grace Douthwaite Music Theatre Grade  6 – Merit

Frankie Marshall Music Theatre Grade 6 – Merit

Hannah Quinn Music Theatre Grade 6 – Merit

Ophelia Ormerod Music Theatre Grade 6 – Distinction

Guylaine Eckersley DipLCM (Standard Diploma ) Flute – Distinction

ABRSM Exams Summer 2017.

Maddie Baxter Singing Grade 4 – Merit

Libby Tomlinson Singing Grade 5 – Merit

Ellie Maury Flute Grade 7 – Distinction

Ben Mullins ARSM Diploma Flute – Distinction

WELL DONE  to you all. Great results again.


UWL/LCM Music Exams Spring 2017.

Olivia Shann Music Theatre Grade 1 – Distinction

Lottie Walker Music Theatre Grade 3 – Distinction

Francesca Mitten Music Theatre Grade 4 – Distinction

Olivia  Fairbank Pop Vocals Grade 4 – Distinction

Conrad Berriff Pop Vocals Grade 6 – Distinction

Daisy Cameron Music Theatre Grade 6 – Distinction

Hannah Gardner Music Theatre Grade 6 – Distinction

Heather Stead Flute Grade 8 – Distinction

Outstanding results! Well Done to you all!

Huge congratulations to Imogen Davey who is the Kirklees Young Musician 2017. A huge achievement at the age of only 17 as the competition is open to young musicians from the ages of 16-25.

At the final concert of the Mrs Sunderland Festival at Huddersfield Town Hall, Imogen was awarded the JW Pearce Trust Trophy and £1000 prize money.


Mrs Sunderland Festival 2017

Small Ensemble Class – Open

1st Mistral Trio

2nd Les Six Flute Ensemble

Disney Class 17 & over

2nd Zoe Cooke

3rd Vicki Prieditis

Music Theatre 17 & over

1st Zoe Cooke

Pop Ballad Class 14 -21

1st Isabel Hinchcliffe

Disney Class Years 8&9

2nd Ophelia Ormerod

Woodwind Solo Year 9 & under

1st Angela Wang

2nd Emily Watson

3rd Ellie Maury

Woodwind Solo Year 11 & under

1st Emily Watson

2nd Angela Wang

Woodwind Solo – Open

2nd Imogen Davey

Congratulations to you all and to all my other students who have received excellent feedback from the adjudicators. You  not only performed well, but behaved in a mature, supportive and caring manner to all the other competitors. Well Done!

Flautist and Flute/Singing Teacher